• Building Official
    Joseph A. Lehmann

    734-242-5900 General
    734-242-1634 Office Fax
  • Building Inspector(s)
    Robert Gagne
    Gary Dahl
  • Electrical Inspector
    Roger Morgan
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Inspector
    Donald Olszewski
  • Blight Inspector
    Derek Lazarski
  • General Office Support

The Building Department is here to provide a service to the residents and businesses of Frenchtown Charter Township by conducting inspections on new construction and renovations within the Township limits. Inspections are performed under the authority of the State of Michigan Building Code. At the time of application for a building permit a zoning review will be performed to assure compliance with the Township Ordinances.

Prior to the start of any construction or renovation a permit must be applied for using an application form which may be downloaded. The application shall be delivered to the Township Hall - Building Department along with drawings that clearly show the anticipated proposed construction or alteration. No work shall be started in the Township until the application has been approved and a permit has been issued.

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