Water Plant


Water Utility Director:
Rich Weirich
Phone: 734-289-1015 x221

Water Distribution Supervisor: Randy Kendall
Phone: 734-289-1015 x230

  • Water Billing Questions: Utility Billing Agent:
    Lori Caswell
    Phone: 734-242-5902 x112

    Emergency Water Calls:

  • Frenchtown Water Full Page Billing

    The Water Department has made the decision to start using full page water bills. We are hoping to have the process completed before our March billing cycle. So please look for the new full page bill.

    Frenchtown Water Quality

    Frenchtown is continuing to meet or exceed all State and Federal sampling requirements. Please feel free to call with any questions.

    Winter Weather

    Winter weather is here and in full effect! Make sure with the super cold temperatures we are experiencing that you protect your water lines and meters. Make sure your crawl spaces are all closed up, turn on the heat tapes, insulate pipe lines and try to keep your water lines warm whenever possible. If you should freeze up, try to heat the area slowly to get the ice out of your lines. Try to stay warm.

    Spring Restorations

    Spring is just around the corner and our yards are starting to turn green again. We are aware that we have a few yard restorations to care of. We normally start our restorations in early May, but we might be out in your yards a little earlier this year. We have had some good weather and hope to get some good topsoil very soon. If you should have any concerns about your yard, please feel free to call the Water Plant.

    Water Treatment Plant

    The Frenchtown Water Plant is a state of the art 8.0 Million Gallon Per Day (MGD) water treatment plant. The water plant consists of two different types of treatment technologies. The existing 4.0 MGD plant was put into operation in 1994 and is a conventional Claricone system, consisting of 2 Claricones and 4 Rapid Sand Filters. To meet the growing demand of water in the Township a 6.0 MGD Membrane Filter Treatment Plant was built. The plant was completed in 2006 and has some of the newest technology in the water treatment field. The plant has three 2 MGD Membrane filters, and includes a full SCADA system. With the addition of a new Ozone System and the membrane filter technology, we feel we are putting out some of highest quality of water in the state of Michigan.

    The water treatment plants main goal is to provide safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing drinking water to the Township. We are proud that since the plant was put on line in 1994, we have never been in violation of federal or state drinking water standards.

    Water Plant Distribution

    The Frenchtown Water Departments Distribution crew handles 43 square mile of township area. We maintain all water meters, water mains and fire hydrants in house. The Distribution crew's main objective is to provide adequate and safe water to the customers. Our crew responds to all of your service questions, water main and service breaks.

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