Supervisor’s Office Services

Trash Service

Company Name: Republic Waste Services, Inc.
Phone: 1-800-878-4626 (Toll Free)

Contact Rosemary at 734-242-3282 Ext 5 to discuss problems.

Trash is collected in Frenchtown Charter Township Monday through Thursday. All rubbish must be out to the curbside for collection by 7:00 A.M. on the scheduled pick up day.

Service includes – Trash, recycling and yard waste (seasonally) and bulk item collection. Large containers must be utilized for garbage and recycling disposal due to the automated trucks used by the company. Order these large containers through Republic Waste Services, Inc. Trash and seasonal yard waste collection is accomplished on a weekly basis. However, recycling disposal takes place on alternating weeks. Consult your schedule included with your recycle container to determine which area you are in. Place your trash and recycle containers out by the curb the night before your scheduled service day.  Please contact Republic Waste Services, Inc. prior to your collection day to inform them of a large item being put out for pick up. Yard waste must be in a brown paper composting bag or a labeled container no larger than 32 gallon capacity or heavier than sixty pounds. Yard waste labels may be obtained at the Township Hall. Branches must not be longer than four feet in length nor greater than two inches in diameter. When not contained, large bundles of these branches need to be tied then stacked neatly for handling. Additional information such as schedules and acceptable items for recycling may be obtained at the Township Hall.

Trash service will be delayed one day if one of these major holidays falls on scheduled collection day:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • July 4th
  • Christmas Day

Streetlight Outages

Problems with a streetlight not operating properly should be reported to the Supervisor’s Office. Include exact location of the light, pole number, material of pole (wood or metal) and a contact phone number when reporting.

Dead Animal Disposal

When animals are killed within the road right-of-way, the Township will make arrangements for disposal. The exact location and a close description of the animal along with your name and telephone number are necessary when the dead animal is reported to the Supervisor’s Office.

Employment Applications

Township and Fire Fighter employment applications are handled at the reception area of the Township Hall in the Supervisor’s Department. Applications/resumes are held for one year and may be updated or changed at any time.

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